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Thoughts to ponder on...

You have collected all you can for your future and have it in a Bank.

1. The Banks have evolved to making all their money from fees and Services.

2. The Bank pays  you .05% for using your money.

3. If the wheels fall off, or if Somebody decides to take control of everything, the equivalent of pushing one button takes it all away.

4. With millions of people trying to reclaim their property (wealth), you are totally screwed.
5. "They can't do that!",  Who says thay can't??
Check out Zachariah (King James vers.)  Keep in mind Solomon's 666 talents of Gold, and the mark of the beast.

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Like Shooting ? Weapons?  Weapon manuals, how to descriptions, Pix, Training manuals, and a lot of reloading info is available in the "Armory" along with Product reviews and tips  or will be. the Armory is under construction..

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I have added a lot of pix to the Motorcycles section..   My personal scoots and some really nice pix of Vintage Scoots....  Enjoy!

The 4Sale page.. "Garage Sale",  is still on the list to expand...

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The 2012 Springfield Mile Run is in the planning stage. !!!


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Vids - Video is one of my favorite hobbies and I like making short clips.  You will find some of my older work at the link    http://www.digitalhawg.net/ourhawgdom/index.asp

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This site is dedicated to The South, Texas, and Motorcycles. While I ride Harley Davidson, I respect any that ride.  I am Old School and am  intolerant of  the Wine and Cheese of the Brass and Glass crowd ,,,and that fact will show..