Shooting is something I have been doing for a long time.
The accomplishment of "engineering" a successful load and investing hours of testing and evaluating to make that really good shot is very rewarding.

I have put together a lot of Reloading data and accumulated a lot of information and would like to share this reloading information and some results.


Links to some good information..

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      Rifle Data        

How to build a 50 cal. in your shop

US Army Ak-47 Operation manual
Winchester 94 (pre 64) information
Winchester 94 (pre 64) Parts
Store Brands Manufacturer cross Ref
AR-15 cad files
Operator's Manual for M16
M1 Garand Operator's Manual
M1 Garand USArmy Manual
Accurizing the M14 M1
M14 A1 Marksmanship
Remington 740 742 7400 Info and Coding




       Pistol Data         

Colt SAA (Six Shooter) Serial Numbers by Year to 1940

Colt a Study of Percussion - and Conversion revolvers

Colt SAA  Information for all Generations

Browning Hi Power manual 

Colt Mk IV Series 80, 90 Pistols (1997)

Colt Woodsman

Colt M1911 & M1911A1

Colt Single Action Revolver (Colt, 1993)


        Shot Gun Data         

Mossberg model codes

Beretta  A303 manual
Stevens 5100 - 20ga DBL parts.pdf




Manuals from the Crotch.. 

Marine Corps Sniper Manual

Pistol Marksmanship

Shooting to Live
Machine Guns and Machine Gun Gunnery
Rifle Marksmanship


        Self Defense          

Kill or Get Killed
Martial Arts
Shooting to Live
The Guerilla and How to Fight Him





Some results of Custom Reloading amunition...

Had to put this one at the top..

Took my GrandBaby out to the range with here 22-250 bench rest model.  She tried several Factory loads and got to the Hornaday 50 gr. V-Max.  as you can see below, she put the old man to shame... but my pride in her totally over-shadowed my shame in my shooting.  BTW, that's a 4" target, not a 5.5"  Click her tagets below for larger Pics.....


       Some of you might recall the 308" 168 gr. Boat Tail Hollow Point and it's ... applications..

22 Win. Mag.

Click to see results for the CCI factory Loads.

 300 Win Mag

 Here are some results from hours of reloading, testing, and tweaking for my favorite load for my 300 Winchester Magnum.  Along with a comparison of the Sierra bullet to the Speer bullet

Sierra and Speer 168gr. BTHP pushed by 75gr. IMR 7828 powder,  Fed. Magnum primer (215), case trim length = 2.610, bullet seating was 3.350 (longer than specs for a 300 Win Mag.) However the Browning Abolt II has even more throat space. Velocity was 3000 fps., Boss Resonance system set at 1.0.  Neck sized loose then collet crimped  to just enough crimp to prevent movement with vibration and travel.  Would not store it in a magazine during recoil.  A constant crimp pressure for all loads is a major contributor to accuracy.  1 bore clearing round, a swabbing, a cool down then a three shot group with the Sierra, cool down, then a three shot group with the Speer.

Click image for larger pic....


0.47" Max Spread Sierra               0.72" Max Spread Speer

0.40" Max Spread, Speer 168gr HPBT with 66.8 gr. IMR 4350

The 223 Remington tips...

At most public ranges you will see three 223 cal. weapons for any other cal.  The 7.62 x 39 (Ak) is almost as plentiful.  The tactical aspect of the 223 of the AR format is a driving force for most.  There are many other formats for the 223 Remington and some quality competition and sporting rifles.  

The 223 with 80 gr bullets competes at ..... Click here to read the rest


HOT !! 6.5mmX284 Norma!!

My latest addition to the "Reach out and touch Someone" arsenal is this awesome performer.   Savage 111 Long Range Hunter in 6.5 X 284 Norma.

This round, originally a wild cat created by necking a Winchester 284 down from 7mm to 6.5mm, is burning up the long range competitions.  In depth reloading information is available  by clicking this link

My first reload up and test went very well.  click target image for larger image...        ... 46" x .675" group of 5 shots.   Load was 139 gr. Lapua Scenar HPBT over 48 gr. H4831 with CCI BR2 primer in a Norma case set at 3.000" Collective Overall Length.  I am going to get some Lapua cases and tune this load  as well as 142 gr Seirra Match Kings and Lapua Scenar 123 gr. HPBT


This page will change and have a lot more content as I get time. Please Check back in every week or so.

I hope you enjoy it and feed bact to would be nice.  Let me know if you need some info or items not here, I have a lot of modification, loading data, and part info.