Springfield '09 Report     

 With a long time friend and hard rider (Jimbo) I took off for the races.  We traveled up the Pig's Trail ( other wise known as the Pig's Tail ) for the section from Texarkana to Springfield, MO.  The Trail was great.  Anyone that has never ridden The Pig's Trail ( HWY 23 in Western Arkansas ) is missing one of the best roads in the area.   We staid dry until Springfield, MO.  But were wet for 3 days after that.  The Short track event on Sat. night was full of rain delays and finally delayed at 1:00 am to be finished on Mon.

Sunday dawned dry and staid dry "mostly" yet there was still thunder and lightning close at hand, causing little delay in Sunday's Springfield Mile racing.  It was a shortened program due to the threat of rain.

The rain had made a mess of the track and it was later than usual before the track was acceptable to race on.  During the 2 practice sessions the 61 rider were whittled to 48 for 3 heats with 6 from each going to the Main.

Kenny Coolbeth had suffered a shoulder injury earlier in the week and could not put up a time better than 52nd.  This gave Jared Mees a chance to again pass Kenny in the point standing.  Mees did get the lead early and held it almost half way through the race.  Bryan Smith took over for a lap but was soon passed by Jake Johnson.  Jake lead every lap but not all the way around the track up until the end.  He and Jared Mees were finally able to pull ahead pushed hard by Sammy Halbert, Joe Kopp, and Bryan Smith.   Mees took the lead in the final lap but Jake was not to be denied.  Jake drafted Jared out of turn 4 and squeaked by at the finish.

The kind for racing you know you will get at the historic Springfield Mile!

After stopping by the Sled's club house and enjoying their great company and hospitality, Jimbo and I got another short night's sleep and hit the road the next am.

We came down the awesome HWY 7, over the Ozarks and the Ouachita mountains, through Hot Springs and headed back to Texas.  The return was dry after we left Springfield, MO. and the ride over the mountains was fantastic.





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