Springfield '10 Report     


              There is a ton of cool shit to relate about the races this year, but I will say for now that the weather was good, not great as we lost some good Pig Tail riding.
However, the race weather was great and the return on hwy 7 had great weather as well.
When I got to East Texas and entered the Tropical storm for the rest of the trip....
   well, 40 mph wind in a 10" per day rain sucked. Both Air conditioning units at home had gone down 3 days  earlier and Lady Jane wanted me home. So, what's riding through ahurricane anyway, when you are needed...     The rivers of running water did make me wonder why I had ridden the back tire so slick though. That wind was blowing the rear around a lot.

Here is a clip of what the Mile is like.. All I could record with the little digi-cam.. Didn't want to watch the final through a LCD panel..


Monster Energy Kawasaki's Bryan Smith led for 21 of the 25-lap final contest and took the checkers at
             the Springfield Mile by a mere 0.048 seconds ahead of Chris Carr, who lost his brakes early and had          to go into the turns with caution.
         Also, in the vid, note the name Willie McCoy, he is a Texas boy and had beaten Carr in an earlier heat...       He finished 4th ahead of Coolbreth and Jake Johnson..        Joe Kopp was a
no-show at 7th, and in the second grouping behind the leaders, due to some mech. issues and is only 10 points ahead of Jake Johnson after The Mile. The championship is usually settled at The Mile
but it is so close and Kopp is fading so quickly that he may lose it...
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           Click the Pic below for Pix of Saturday's Dirt Track ...       Single's Grand National..


                Click Pic below  for Pix of Sunday's Flat Track ...              The Springfield Mile Twins Grand National