Some Ring Tones      

Nuttin' fancy, check it, then right click on it and "save target as" it if you want it ...


My most popular with my friends..


Mission Impossible  14 seconds      or    21 seconds

Let your Ole Lady hear this at your own risk 


It's the Wife ...


Patriotism Southern Style .. 

With ring at end   or   Without 


 Party Tones ..

Tequila    or Tequila with a message at the end if it is the wife or boss, or maybe  a ring with Jack Daniels  or one of my favorites..  Beer Bait and Ammo 


Musical Tones..  

Jump in the Fire also known as "It's the Boss Calling"   Jump in the Fire with Ring 

 Voodoo   HonkyTonk  or  HonkyTonk with Ring    Wonderer   or  Wonderer with Ring


Just a good attention getter for those Loud   Places..

Attention Tone